It would be amazing to be able to count in our own home with all the equipment and services used in the best gyms, but the reality is that it is not a viable option for the vast majority of people who want to exercise weight loss at home, either by the high cost that can leave this equipment and even more for the space that a gym occupies at home.

But the other reality is that exercise is very important to achieve weight loss and lose weight effectively, and not only that, it is vital to keep us in shape and not gain that extra kilos. And if there’s one thing we all agree on is the comfort, freedom and privacy that exercise at home brings us, since we buy a lot of time on gym transfers, quota savings and schedule restrictions. But rest assured, we can exercise at home to lose weight finding exercises and routines that are effective and that do not require any expensive or none of the equipment.

Another advantage to add more fun to the exercise table at home, is that we can put our favorite music, videos or even if exercise allows you to watch TV. You have no more excuses with exercise at home to lose weight!

Let’s see the most effective home weight loss exercises without the need for gadgets:

– Lose weight by walking: If the weather allows (depends on the season), it can be very stimulating to go out on the street and enjoy the landscape that surrounds you while you exercise and lose weight walking, you can even choose the sites, routes and parks that are close to home and that will guide you more Sten. However, if time doesn’t play in your favor, you could do some effective workouts to do a workout from home easily (How much should I walk to lose weight?). If you have a flight of stairs, you could climb and lower it several times (you could even use some homemade ankle weights). This will be of great help to tone the legs, and do low-impact aerobic exercise. If you don’t have stairs, you can simply perform two-minute routines by walking in the same place by moving your arms in the opposite directions.

– Lose weight by jumping: Apart from fun is a good exercise, there are even studies that show that a routine of jumping on site or jumping the rope for ten minutes can be the equivalent of running thirty minutes if done with a similar intensity. But the important thing is that it gives you a cardiovascular improvement and helps you burn fat, and it’s definitely a big warm-up.

– Push-ups: Perhaps this is not one of most people’s favorite home exercise, as according to our level it can require us quite a lot. However, it is one of the oldest body exercises in the world, I assure you that in ancient Greece or Rome they did not sculpt their bodies with spectacular gyms and appliances. But what we can do to gain a certain level is to take into account that the important thing is not the amount of push-ups you do (in your house no one presses you), but maintain a good technique to fulfill their function to the maximum, the rest will come with the training diary.

– Leg exercises: Leg exercises are of great advantage as we can work them with far fewer exercises than other parts, but this does not take away the great importance that it has. If you find it difficult to do the exercises with your legs stretched out, try bending them slightly.

– Exercises to burn abdominal fat: Abdominals are best for creating and strengthening abdominal muscles and burning fat in that area. The important thing is to start small with series of between four and five repetitions, and gradually increase. If we find it very difficult at first we can help with the tilt of the legs, and increase the difficulty.

– Jog or run on site: This is a good exercise for the heart and you should only have a more or less spacious space, you can even do it while listening to music, or watching a video or TV. All you’ll need is proper footwear, to eliminate any tension in your legs. Only fifteen minutes of this activity can cause us to burn about 150 calories.

– Slimming by dancing: Dancing is a wonderful exercise, and very suitable for the heart. And not only that, but it can raise our self esteem. You can also go to Zumba Classes to lose weight and lose weight.

– Lifting weights: No, you don’t need to buy those expensive and cumbersome weight equipment, you can use items that you have at home, especially containers of liquids such as milk, detergent bottles, even water jugs. However, there are small weight sets with very affordable prices and that take up little space, even on the internet there are tutorials to make homemade weights.

– Yoga at home: If you have a room or some other space that you can use for yoga it would be a very good option. Yoga is a good option to reduce stress, increase flexibility and has many benefits over our body. Although the vast majority of forms of yoga have no comparison in burning calories with any other aerobic exercise yoga is a fantastic way to get closer to our body and take control over it helping us to lose weight. There are many YouTube channels with exercise programs that you can learn and follow from home.

As you can see for some exercise it can be important, but you don’t need to sign up for a gym and pay high fees per month, you don’t even need the expensive equipment and gym equipment to provide your body with an optimal workout. You just need to win, motivate and be a little creative to use items that we have at home or buy the essentials to do it in the comfort of home. One thing we can assure you when doing a table exercises at home and is that you will feel more comfortable, you just have to get up now, and start the time is yours!