Although it sounds like fiction and many people think that losing weight is too optimistic to be true, it is possible to do so. Obviously we have to follow some guidelines, certain routines in our daily life so as not to deprive ourselves of the vast majority of food and eat with a certain abundance, you just have to know how to lose weight by eating with a few simple steps but that we must follow to the letter.

Weight loss by step:

We must consume fresh and as little processed food as possible. Eating raw foods (especially fruits and vegetables) in abundant quantity will give us a great feeling of being full. All processed foods, no matter how “light”, contain unhealthy fats.

Here is the secret to eating weight loss: The daily exercise. For many people this is one of the most complicated steps to follow, but here is the basis of everything, the relationship intake and burning of calories. We must get a daily routine, be it: walking, running, cycling, dancing, performing the sport that we like the most, something where we use at least one hour a day, or at least gradually increasing our exercise routine and / or activity.

Feeling hungry and gasy: if you try to reduce your daily caloric intake by consuming small rations, it makes sense that you feel anxious and wanting to eat long before the next meal, which makes you constantly sting between hours. It’s best to add low-energy foods that are high in protein but low in fat stools such as lentils, beans, fish, lean meats and lots of fruits and vegetables. This way there will be fewer calories and more food to soothe anxiety. You can also turn to natural appetite reducers to calm anxiety at specific times.

Feeling hungry and gasy

We can feed our cravings from time to time. The problem is in the amount, but how can we reduce anxiety attacks? Before we overflow eating our favorite chocolate, or any craving we drink as much water as possible and thus reduce the anxiety and we will feel more full when eating our unhealthy craving but this will cause us to lose weight by eating what we can likes but in small numbers.

Water and fiber the weapons of this weight-loss-eating battle. These two things don’t have calories. Consume things that don’t have calories. There are two things you eat and drink that don’t contain calories: water and fiber.

Water and fiber the weapons of this weight-loss-eating battle
Water and fiber the weapons of this weight-loss-eating battle

Befriend/or eat with fat-burning properties. Grains, lean meats, green tea, chillies, cinnamon, among others, are your allies, even some can speed up your metabolism and can make us slim by eating so keep these fat-burning foods in your pantry.

Increases consumption of soups and broths. This type of food has a high water content, very low calories, and can nourish us as much or more than a smoothie or energy bars that are also processed.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. It is very common to relate thirst to hunger, so being hydrated will make us really eat when the body needs it.

Eat less quantity, but more times a day. Spread your intake, it’s not about eating little and starving. Instead of eating uncontrollably at breakfast, lunch and dinner (or worse skipping a meal) ingest an average of 120 to 160 Cal. every 2 Hours, this will allow your body to digest more quickly what you eat.

Eat slowly and chew food well: this can help us feel fuller and more satisfied by consuming fewer calories. The vast majority of people who eat quickly and without chewing well eat food have extra pounds.

Use smaller plates: serving food on smaller plates deceive your brain and so you think you’re eating more. Likewise, if you have to eat unhealthy foods high in fat it is preferable to use small plates, so we will manage to eat less. Here you can see some dishes divided into portions to control the weight.

Use smaller plates for weight loss
Use Smaller Plates

By following these simple tips consistently, you’ll be able to lose weight by eating amounts that won’t make you starve.