Month: March 2018

Daily Exercise to lose weight quickly

This is the exercise routine you will do to lose weight quickly … Step 1: First you will do 15 jumps with squats with weights using dumbbells from 5 to 15 pounds – then take a break of one minute and … Step 2: Afterwards you will do 15 jumps with squats just using the weight of your body – then take another 1 minute break and … Step 3: afterwards you will do drag or abdominal slip running 30 meters or you can also make an abdominal plate holding it for 45 to 90 seconds and after that,...

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2 ways to burn fat quickly in the morning

Two ways to burn fat quickly in the morning… 1. Get up and exercise! Exercising is the first thing you do in the morning. As soon as you wake up in the morning, do your workout routine for at least 30 minutes and an hour. Studies have shown that exercising in the morning burns up to 3 times as much fat as when you exercise at any other time of the day. This is the reason: During the day the main energy source for the body is the carbohydrates you get from your meals. When you sleep at night...

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How to lose weight without counting calories or exercising

Just eat more foods to lose weight like carbohydrates complexes like fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like white meats, fish, raw nuts and healthy fats like Omega-3, CLA and GLA – Go here to see 260 foods that you can eat to lose weight and … You should never worry about counting calories or gaining weight when your meals consist mainly of foods to lose weight because … Complex carbohydrates ( especially high fiber carbohydrates such as fruits, nuts and raw vegetables) and lean proteins are ‘highly thermogenic foods’, which means that every time you eat complex carbohydrates and...

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