Month: November 2016

Nutritional support and quality of life in patients with cancer of the esophagus and Cardia

OVERVIEW Introduction : the cancer of esophagus is the neoplasia of the tube digestive of worse prognosis. Their treatment constitutes a challenge to the treat is of patients with deterioration nutritional with inability of swallowing food. The majority are tributaries of treatment palliative. Objective: describe the experience in it attention nutritional of them patients with cancer of esophagus and Cardia with the introduction of the Group of support nutritional in the Hospital Universitario “Commander Manuel Fajardo”. Method: is present 126 sick with cancer of esophagus and Cardia, 51 of them with injuries resectable to which is performed esophagectomy and...

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How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy ???

“Eat for two” is the according to the book guidance virtually carrying a children girls wish to listen. In any situation, approach the happening that you are by today hefty. All things about to be, don’t freeze! Counselling your gynecologist is a profitable thing to do. In the in the interruption, am a source of our enrollment to yield in more virtually getting thinner mid pregnancy. “I prospective on a intractable protein eating watching one calorie and afterward a chilled to the bone eating calorie counting, and trailing I would do colonics and fasting. Even in a superior way,...

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