Lose weight in a week”is the challenge that I propose today. Well because you have returned from vacation, well because you have a commitment and want to enter in your clothes, either (and no less important) by health when you are overweight, lose weight in a week is possible. Let’s see it!

For example, you have a friend wedding very soon. You are going to share a very special that time dress. You walk into a store, you choose it, you enter you in the tester and… horror! the dress not raises knees.
From this moment your brain begins to think fast. What should I do? I choose a robe covering my body at the risk of seeming an eyesore or decide to lose weight no matter what in a short time?
If you have chosen the second option, this article will be of interest.

How to lose weight in 1 week fast

Weight loss in a week. Tips and tricks

1. Tip: how lose weight in a week: fat products

You need hHelp you with some products. The above production of cortisol can contribute to weight gain. You may try the Garcinia Cambogia, if you want to see it click here, gives good results.

You take a supplement with chromium and L-carnitine. These are the amino acids that regulate certain functions of the body and help you to lose weight and lose body fat.

The coffee and the you green will also help you to speed up your metabolism and therefore to burn more calories.

2nd Tip: how lose weight in a week: be realistic

It should perhaps be the first advice: get a realistic goal.

“You can not download all the weight you want in one week even if you stop eating”

Apart from that you put at risk your health. And before this nothing is worth. The wedding of a friend, nor the most important social commitment in the world.
So, choose a target less: 2-kilos in a week. It is more realistic, and rapidisimo. It is also perfectly possible.

But we must remember that healthy really is slimming 1 kilo a week. It is also a good progress.

3rd Tip: how lose weight in a week: fewer calories

This is drawer. It is necessary to reduce the calorie content of your normal diet: was fat, outside (only for a week) carbohydrates.


Here are 2 diets to make in a week. If you don’t want to lose weight as fast as some of them offers you, them are not done. Returns as soon as possible to a healthy diet and eqilibrada to keep you on your weight and do not accuse the dreaded effect bounce.

The lemon diet

Diet to lose weight 3 kilos in a week

Apple diet: detox and quick

Cucumber, a surprising diet diet

as-weight loss-in-a-Semanaademas with a diet based on proteins, leafy and fruit every 2 days, can make you a diet to your liking and dissociated. You have a good example in the diet for 2 weeks.
Forget sweets, a small portion has a high calorie content, therefore out sugar too, replace it with a sweetener or saccharin.

4th Tip: how lose weight in a week: controlling of timetables

Controls food schedules. For example do not do a late dinner, because digestion of what cenes occurs while you sleep and will slow down, causing weight gain.

An ideal dinner this week is intake of 2 yoghurts skimmed without sugar or a serving of kefir. Kefir is a fermented probiotic milk product is.
Both options allow you to fill the stomach, as well as provide you with protein and not to increase calories.

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5th Tip: how lose weight in a week: kitchen with austerity

When it comes to cooking your food greatly reduces the options, but whatever you choose (I always repeat proteins and as much to accompany them from leafy vegetable broadband) season with spices, little salt and less oil. Better grilled and boiled than fried.

6th Tip: how lose weight in a week: Walk a little

Finally get some exercise that complements the burning of calories ingested. I advise you 2 excellent forms of exercise. Do you have a bicycle? If so, don’t be lazy, take your bike, go to a park. Start rolling half hour. is not much, no? in half an hour you can do around the 8-10 km.

If you don’t have a bike, grab a tracksuit and comfortable slippers. He heads to a park. He began to jog gently for half an hour. If you manage to jogging in a single week, half an hour every day, you’ll see how you accelerate weight loss.

What if this super demonstrated is that what more can help you lose weight in a week, is the fitness (or exercises with weights).

The best thing would be to train 3-4 times a week. Performs a warming, lifts weights, and then do stretching.

With weight lifting, you’ll burn calories and avoid that your metabolism slows down, which is a very common side effect in quick weight loss.

If you have reduced (or eliminated) carbohydrates can even gain some muscle as you lose a significant amount of body fat.

“If these tips extend them for a month, you can get to lose 8-9 pounds”

But you do not risk your health. It is best that you learn as you lose weight in a week and you can wear the dress that you liked so much, than risk losing more weight.

You recommend that throw an eyelet to the diet dissociated, has much that see with them tips that you have offered and with she not raisins nothing of hunger, when I say nothing, is nothing.

7th Bonus Extra: Tips easy to lose weight in a week

  • Drink water: A glass of water before meals helps you eat less and can accelerate weight loss.
  • Take fiber. And the better the viscose fiber that swells in your stomach, such as glucomannan or the konjak.
  • Drink coffee or tea. Both accelerate the metabolism and fat burning.
  • Eat eggs for breakfast. You feel much fuller in the next 36 hours! and you can get to lose weight around 45%.
  • It sleeps 8 hours minimum. Lack of sleep is one of the major factors of risk for weight gain and obesity.
  • 3 Week Diet Plan: It is a very useful weight loss program. You can get it from here.

Diets for fast weight loss 10 pounds in one week

Initially, talk of losing up to 10 kilos in a week may seem a completely impossible mission, but not at all so.

If you truly want to get rid of excess fats and toxins accumulated in your body, don’t continue reading this post.

Diets for slimming fast 10 kilos in a semanaComo is obvious, get the success in any of the diets for slimming fast 10 kilos in a week will depend on of your constancy, perseverance and force of will.

Therefore is something that you should ask you before starting.

Your commitment is vital to your success, since otherwise it will be very difficult to lose so many pounds so quickly.

And it is that loss of 10 pounds in only 7 days implies a hypocaloric diet intake as well as the practice of physical exercise daily for at least one hour.

Leading to perform exercises cardiovascular.

If really have ganas of losing weight and undo you of them kilos of more must support you mainly in the soups and creams of vegetables.

Them diets to lose weight fast 10 kilos in a week will be large Allied if are willing to follow with your diet until the end.

Diets for fast weight loss 10 pounds in one week:

Then the plan is exposed to follow in one of the best diets to lose weight fast 10 kilos in a week, a diet that will allow you to regain the figure in a very short time.

Show off the body only dreamed will cost 7 days.

  1. First day: soup of vegetables and fruits (except bananas and grapes, watermelon and melon to be advisable). Only beverages allowed are water, juice natural unsweetened and diluted in water and tea without sugar.
  2. Second day: soup of vegetables and fresh steamed vegetables (leafy green vegetables, being advisable). Avoid the intake of peas, beans, and corn. The second day should not drink fruit.
  3. Third day: combine soup of vegetables, fruits and green leafy vegetables. Forbidden potato, beet, grape and banana.
  4. Fourth day: vegetable soup, skim milk (so many vessels throughout the day as you want) and bananas (maximum 6 bananas)
  5. Fifth day: soup of vegetables and lean beef, chicken or fish (about 150-200 grams). It is important to drink about 8 glasses of water to eliminate the uric acid that contributes to the body meat.
  6. Sixth day: vegetables of leaf green wide, soup of vegetables and 2-3 steaks of beef lean
  7. Seventh day: A cup of rice integral, soup of vegetables, juices of fruit natural without sugar and vegetables without limit

Following this diet as one of the best diets to lose weight fast 10 kilos in a week you can lose the weight desired effective and fast.

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