Walking slims down and is the sport that is trending right now, but: How much do I have to walk to lose weight?

For weight loss and weight loss it is recommended to be physically active for at least 30 minutes (adults) or 60 minutes (children) on most days of the week.

This activity level burns approximately 150 calories, which could represent about 2 kg in 6 months. This level of exercise reduces the risk of disease and the minimum daily need should be considered, regardless of weight.

One hour a day, every day of the week

Most weight loss programs quickly recommend up to an hour a day (most days of the week) of moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking.

This amount of exercise burns approximately 300 additional calories, which leads to loss of 4 kg in 6 months. This level of physical activity is associated with even lower health risks for major diseases.

Walking enough to lose weight fast
Walking enough to lose weight fast

What can I do if I can’t walk for 30 minutes?

It makes sense that we have a very busy life and we can’t fulfill our training. If our activities and schedule leaves us no room to walk continuously for 30 minutes, it is best to spread the walks in shorter intervals throughout the day in blocks of 10 minutes continuous walking and trying to accelerate the pace Accelerated.

Remember to have a time of at least 5 minutes of warm-up, no matter what final time you spend in the activity.

It is good to integrate intervals with activities that require greater physical intensity such as climbing stairs, slopes and walking briskly to take advantage of training time, even if it is short.

High-intensity interval workouts have been shown to be as beneficial as long medium-moderate intensity workouts and are a good choice for daily exercise.

Morning Walk to lose weight
Morning Walk to lose weight

Walking Weight Loss Training Program:

This program we detail can be a good alternative to achieving your weight loss goals. The idea is that you adapt it to your schedule and plan your days according to your free time and work.

The times indicated is to achieve an optimal heart rate after heating. You can split walks that are very long if you don’t have enough time during the day.

Walking schedule table to lose weight fast
Walking schedule table to lose weight fast

Tips for walking when trying to lose weight:

  • Choose the right shoes: it is the only equipment needed to walk and we must choose the one that best suits us. Normally walking shoes should have flexible soles and heel support to avoid lateral movements and should be comfortable, cushioned and as light as possible.
  • Music to walk: Music is a great motivation so choose your playlist well. Choose songs that have a rhythm of 75 and 130 BPM as they will help you synchronize a constant rhythm at each stage of the walk.
  • Plan the route beforehand: if you want to go with comfort and confidence you must be clear about the route of your walk. Try several routes and vary them depending on their distance, inclination and terrain type.
  • Company to walk: walking in a group or with company will keep us motivated and in the long run we will achieve our weight loss goals, as we will have support and share the same goals.
  • Climate adaptation: we must be prepared for each season or sudden change of weather. Prepare clothes according to the climate of your city either hot, cold or with a lot of humidity, but also be prepared for changes in weather such as rain, wind or lots of sun.During very hot weather it is better to walk before sunrise and in winter on the contrary. Let’s not let the inclement weather surprise us.
  • In the morning better: one of the best strategies to burn more fat is to walk early in the morning after getting up. Our body goes from a resting state with low calorie intake and the training will accelerate the burning of accumulated fats. Glycogen levels are decreased during sleep, and the body will have to resort to spending accumulated fat.
  • Walk energetically: walking decisively and vigorously we will burn more calories and protect ourselves from cardiovascular disease.
  • Drink a lot of water: drinking more water will be hydrated at all times and burn more calories as our metabolism will increase.
  • Change your lifestyle: Although at first the habit of walking costs us, we should not take it as a boring routine that must be fulfilled, on the contrary, it has to be part of our way of seeing life and enjoying nature and what surrounds us. this will help us stay motivated no matter what. Walking eliminates is stress, which is one of the main causes of our body slowing down our metabolism, and giving us greater anxiety and uncontrollable desire to eat foods high in sugar and calories.
  • Use hand weights: Hand weights can help us raise calorie expenditure, but they need to be incorporated carefully as it can modify arm swing and cause injury. Ideally, start with light weights and then increase your weight. Ankle weights are not recommended at all.
  • Analyzing what we eat is also essential for weight loss and weight loss: A chocolate bar or a bag of chips that we consume daily will throw away the possibility of removing weight even if we exercise. To lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories than we burn. Most people can’t accurately estimate their calorie intake unless they keep a food diary for a few days and make the totals.
Evening Family Walk to lose weight
Evening Family Walk to lose weight