Many athletes use protein shakes as nutritional supplements. But what do protein shakes wear? Are they effective? Should you take protein shakes too?

Composition of protein shakes

As the name suggests, most people think it only carries that: proteins. These include high levels of amino acids and essential fatty acids that help muscle recovery. And they are essential, especially when performing intense exercise.

But it’s not the only ingredient, although it’s usually the main one. What is usually the composition of protein shakes?

Another main ingredient in these shakes is creatine. This substance is an acid that the body can manufacture from some amino acids (arginine, glycine and methonymia). This substance helps give each cell the energy it needs. That’s why it’s important to also include creatine among your nutritional supplements when you train with intensity.

Glutamine is an amino acid present in most protein shakes. It helps to ensure the energy supply (in addition to creatine), strengthens the immune system and prevents the wear and tear of muscle tissue.

Sometimes they also carry carbohydrates, there are smoothies with different proportions. Not only do you need protein, but carbohydrates help you get the right energy.

Now that you know what protein shakes wear, you may wonder if you need to take them.

The perfect supplement

The amount you need will vary depending on your weight, the type of activity you do, the intensity and frequency. You should be careful that, after a workout, you don’t get into a muscle catalysis. This occurs when you don’t have enough energy reserves in your body. You start consuming muscle fibers to meet energy demand. How can i make this happen? With protein shakes. 3 Week Diet also provide healthy options.

It’s also not that you have to be drinking protein shakes at all times, it can be counterproductive. If you don’t consume the energy you give the body, it will accumulate as fat. But there are certain key moments when it can’t be missed.

If you’re planning an intense day, the best time to grab your first smoothie is in the morning. This time of day is when proteins undergo more transformations to become energy, so a shake ensures the necessary energy input.

Before training a shake accompanied by slow digestion carbohydrates will keep your muscles fed and prevent their breakdown (which I told you before muscle catalysis).

It is especially important at this time, especially if you are going to do strength or power exercises, to increase volume or intense cardio exercises. Make sure you don’t lack glycogen.

After an intense workout the muscle has to grow, and for this it is necessary to produce small muscle breaks. At that moment your muscles need the amino acids that will give them a protein shake to repair these breaks and rebuild. As liquid these nutrients are absorbed better and faster. Keep in mind that your body will need these nutrients right away, 20-30 minutes after training. Remember to include carbohydrates in the shake to replenish lost energy.

Depending on the case, it’s also good to take it an hour before bedtime. There are exercises that cause your body to be consuming energy several hours (sometimes up to 24 hours) after training. When you go to sleep, you’ll be out of food for many hours, and you run the risk of entering muscle catalysis. In case you practice this type of training, it is recommended that you take a slow assimilation protein shake with few carbohydrates before bed.

Beware of Miracle diets and their effects

Various weightloss diets that have existed for a long time. The miracle diets, are those diets that promise that you will lose a lot of weight that you could never get or imagine in a very short period of time and also promise you that you will get it r without any effort.

In general, these miracle diets are usually diets that are not based on any basis, scientific or nutritional, and are therefore diets that are not really supported by expert nutritionists or in the matter.

Generally, these diets are based on popular tips and beliefs, on actions that you don’t really know why they are made and that can therefore bring their negative consequences to our body.

In addition, these miracle diets always get more publicity and look in more places in times during which we want to lose more weight such as when summer begins to approach and we see that we do not have enough time to lose weight. This makes out of desperation, out of the longing to get kilos lowered in the fastest way we can fall into the temptation to make these miracle diets.

But the truth is that these diets can have really dire consequences on our bodies because the truth is that miracles don’t exist.

The problem with these diets is that they are often low-calorie diets, diets with very little calorie intake and therefore make sure that we have nowhere to get the energy we need every day.

At other times they are dissociative diets or what is the same, they choose the foods that we can eat according to the weight gain that we can have with their combinations, that is, that they will often make us stop eating things that we should not.

Other times, these diets can be exclusionary, which eliminates some type of nutrient from them, producing a lack of that element that we are removing from our diet.

Regardless of what kind of diet it is, all these miracle diets can have consequences for our body of which we need to be aware:

  • When we spend a season with a very strict diet in which we ingest a very small amount of calories, our body will go on to ingest more than we need and what we ingira will tend to be stored by the time a gap season like the one we had before, that is, we will gain weight again. This is what’s called the rebound effect and it’s what makes us able to regain even more weight than we used to.
  • When we take a smaller amount of calories than our body needs, our metabolism becomes much slower so that the body spends the less the better, that is, tries not to spend the fat deposits in case we are going to continue with a time of car for a long time. Therefore, we will burn much less fat than with a balanced diet and at the end of the day the important thing is to eliminate the more fat the better.
  • As they are diets with a great lack, our body will tend to resort to the deposits that we have in our muscles and, therefore, we will reduce our muscle mass, a mass that does not contain fat and that therefore will not cause us to lose the weight of where we want We used to. We can lose weight quickly but it will be a weight of our muscle mass, a weight we should never have lost.
  • These miracle diets also make us lack of vitamins and minerals which can have quite a few consequences that we could not even imagine when we started that miracle diet as for example can be headaches, have great fatigue and tiredness, losing hair, falling into a depression etc.
  • These miracle diets often cause us to lose a lot of water and electrolytes and also do not allow us to recover them because they do not recommend the intake of them and, therefore, this can bring serious consequences such as the dehydration or even failure of some important organs of the body due to this lack of fluids in the body.

Any diet that has a miraculous title in which we offer to lose many kilos effortlessly and very quickly will bring its consequences.

If we really want to lose weight in a healthy and effective way, what we have to do is a balanced diet, a diet that really makes us lose weight, but that makes us lose weight little by little, like any effective diet, because if we lose that weight little by little with a balanced diet, firstly we will have no negative effects, and secondly, we will not have that hateful rebound effect that makes us recover all the kilos that we have cost so much to lose.

In addition, with health you should not play because although diets seem somewhat harmless, with a bad diet we can play to life, since really feeding is something necessary to live and therefore we have to feed ourselves properly every day, if you could “pass us a bill” to ingest these unbalanced meals.

As a culmination of everything, to tell you that even if the temptations of trying to lose weight in a really fast way and without making efforts are great, this is normal because we would all like to have a body 10 without having to wait and, above all, without having to make efforts , but it is worth having a little will and getting on a diet at the beginning of the year and getting to the summer healthy and with the lost weight, which start two months before the summer and arrive with health disrupted by a miracle diet.